Pete B is a performance drummer & percussionist with skills ranging from teaching, programming electronic percussion, and playing the modern drum kit.

​Pete has studied for close to 10 years achieving a BA (Hons) in Music Industry, A level music technology, and grade 8 drums.


Pete has been privileged to study under the likes of Toby Drummond (Wicked, Billy Elliot), George Cook (Eminem, Rag 'n' Bone Man) and Danny Mullowney (Rhythm Magazine and DRUMMER WANTED author)


Pete specializes in worship, hip-hop, and pop drumming. However, due to his extensive studies over the years, he excels in many other genres.

Danny M.jpg

Danny Mullowney

During the past two years of study at ACM, Pete has developed his technical skills and a musical approach to playing the drums. Pete utilises the entire sonic spectrum, whilst introducing electronics and unique sticking combinations when necessary. He continues to push his playing abilities, whilst always maintaining a focus on creating interesting drum parts. Pete continues to grow musically and technically, and has reached a point where these skills are shining through.


Toby Drummond

(Cliff Richard, Ray Davies, Shaun Ryder, Russell Walton, The Seahorses)

Pete has been a pleasure to work with at the ACM and is a much-valued part of the ACM drum community. Pete has a natural ability with the kit, professional attitude & strong work ethic. Pete is a player to look out for in the future.


Jez Nunne

Peter has musicality and ability to bring a song to life and instinctively focuses on getting into the pocket with a solid groove.